Uncover the genius of Michelangelo in this fully immersive tour that begins in one of the oldest buildings in Florence, the Bargello museum. Learn how Michelangelo got his start and became the man, as we know him today, from a unique historical perspective in this excellently guided experience.

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Ask questions as you examine the works and stories behind Michelangelo's life in this expertly-led tour with art historian guide

A private tour covering two museums for a true understanding of the fascinating artist Michelangelo and his masterpiece, the David.

The Bargello is worth a visit just for being one of Florence’s oldest and most historically significant buildings. That it houses the greatest collection of Medieval and Renaissance statues in the world is an additional bonus. The assemblage features masterpieces by Donatello, Verrocchio, Giambologna and -of course- Michelangelo, which guests will discover through fascinating stories recounted by our expert tour guide.

Seeing this unique collection allows one to truly understand how avant-garde Michelangelo’s artistic vision was when compared with even his most esteemed contemporaries. By way of confirmation is then a visit to see arguably his greatest achievement – the David. Held in the Accademia museum, this amazing statue becomes even more astounding when put into its social, political, religious and artistic context.

At the conclusion of the tour, guests will have a great understanding of the most enigmatic and talent artist of all times, along with a greater respect for the art form in which Michelangelo thrived.

Dating back to 1255, the Bargello first housed the local “Captain of the People” then the resident police chief before being transformed into a prison. One of the toughest institutions, executions took place here until the abolition of the death penalty in 1786. The Bargello then became the police headquarters before becoming a national museum in 1865.

Today, the Bargello houses the greatest collection of sculptures from the 14th-17th century and is the perfect setting for gaining insight into Michelangelo, his genius manifest amongst the other works housed within.

The Accademia Gallery was founded in 1784 intended to house a collection of Michelangelo’s artworks. In the end, it came to hold arguably Michelangelo’s finest work, Il Davide, and a collection of unfinished statues known as the Prisoners.

Michelangelo is one of the most important sculptors of all time, his works signifying great change and unrivaled influence. Yet, he was also a painter (as can be seen with his Sistine Chapel in the Vatican), an engineer and architect, and even a poet.


  • Discover the broody genius through an exploration of his works.
  • Visit two of Florence’s top museums – the Accademia and Bargello. Visit Duomo museum on Mondays when Accademia is closed.
  • See a plethora of sculptures by major artists that provide greater perspective on Michelangelo’s genius.
  • Hear about the Medici family’s role in the making of the master.
  • Have the guide meet either at your accommodation in Florence or other convenient location at 9.00 am or 2.00 pm upon request (and in accordance with museum opening hours).
So that this tour may be tailored to individual preferences, any entry costs are additional, to be paid by guests directly on the day.
Pre-reserved Accademia tickets cost c.a. 17 euro per adult or 5 euro for ages 6-17 (only with photo identification showing date of birth), with 5 years and under being free. The Accademia is closed on Mondays.
Pre-reserved entry not available on 1st Sunday of the month. The Bargello is around 6 euro per adult. Opening hours change throughout the year. If Accademia/Bargello is closed an alternative venue will be suggested. For groups of 4 guests or more, audio headsets are included in the cost.