This private exploration of one of Tuscany’s best preserved towns will begin in its city center – the magnificent Piazza del Campo. From here, your specialized guide will introduce you to Siena’s must-see highlights as well as a lesser known points of interest to explore Siena from another view.

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Customize your visit to Siena and explore at your own pace with a private guide

Siena is a must-see jewel in the crown of Tuscany, combining beauty with a fascinating history. Wandering the narrow streets of Siena and stepping into the breathtaking piazzas is a wonderful experience. Having an expert local guide to bring the history to life exalts this no end.Siena has something for all tastes and guests will be able to request the guide tailor the tour exactly to their interests. There is something for art lovers, music aficionados, fashionistas, handicraft fans, wine enthusiasts, gourmands, and more.

One of Siena’s absolute icons is the shell-shaped Piazza del Campo, in which sits the town hall and its emblematic bell tower. It is here where Siena’s famous Palio horse race takes, dividing the city into fiercely rivaled ‘contrade’. If desired, guests will have the possibility to enter the resplendent Cathedral and explore the artistic treasures held within. There is even a stunningly frescoed room that was only recently discovered in the Cripta del Duomo.

Throughout this private Siena tour, our expert guide will also share with guests the fascinating stories of the families who made Siena what it is, the historic rivalry with Florence that led to bloody battles and how Siena’s local bank bought it great wealth and power.Siena was already populated during Etruscan times. The Romans (among others) eventually took over, however it was under the Lombards that Siena flourished. Despite some fluctuations (mostly due to plagues and war), Siena quickly grew into a powerful and wealthy city.

The Republic of Siena was established in the late 1000s and endured 400 years until being defeated by the Duchy of Florence and the Spaniards. Siena surrendered only to King Felipe II, who anyway handed the city to Florence, which ruled until Italian unification in the 1860s.

Contemporaneously, at a crossroads between three nearby villages, was a marketplace where today is the splendid Piazza del Campo, its iconic fishbone paving laid in 1349. On one side, the shell-shaped square is lined with Palazzi Signorili. The lower edge has the iconic Palazzo Pubblico (town hall) and towering Torre del Mangia, built the same height as the Cathedral to symbolize parity between church and state. Siena’s University from 1240 is also one of the oldest in Italy.As the perfect backdrop to this important historical city is the stunning countryside, including the vineyards where some of Italy’s most loved wines are produced.


  • Hear amazing stories behind the most important sites in Siena.
  • Explore the historical center in a convenient time-frame of just 3 hours.
  • Discover which business changed the fate of Siena forever.
  • Find out about the iconic artistic, architectural, cultural and political history of Siena.
  • Meet guide at a central location at either 10.00 am or 2.00 pm.
So that this tour may be tailored to individual preferences, any entry costs are additional, to be paid by guests directly on the day. This ensures our guests may experience the best of the city exactly as they wish. Expect to pay around 8 euro per person for the Cathedral, depending on which areas are visited. To enter religious spaces, shoulders need to be covered and clothing must cover the tops of knees.