Optimize your experience at the Vatican with a privately led tour of the Vatican museums and Saint Peters Basilica based around the areas where you’re most interested. Our select guides offer a truly unique opportunity to appreciate extraordinary masterpieces in intricate detail as you examine the history, ask questions, and learn the secrets and stories behind their creation.

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Streamline your visit to the Vatican and customize your visit with an expertly guided private experience

An interesting and informative tour exploring of one of the world’s vastest collections of artwork.

On this private Vatican tour, guests will enjoy fast-tracked entry to the Vatican Museum with pre-reserved and pre-paid tickets. Expert in the history of the Vatican and its extensive collection, our private Vatican tour guide will reveal the highlights and masterpieces, with evocative stories about their history and their creators.

There is, of course, Michelangelo’s own incredible feat, the Sistine Chapel, where it is possible to see how the artist worked out the proportions necessary and how he slyly took his revenge on an enemy. There are also amazing stories to be told about the frescoes and paintings by Raphael, Titian, Caravaggio, and Giotto which can be included in the visit if so desired.

The Vatican guide will also lead clients through the sculpture galleries, the Map Room and other important spaces within the museum before stepping out into the Cortile del Belvedere, the breath-taking courtyard that went on to influence public spaces and gardens around Europe.

Finish your visit entering into the magnificent St. Peter’s Basilica full of additional treasures and artwork before concluding in the unmistakable St. Peter’s Square.

In additional to being a place for religious reflection, the Vatican today embodies man’s innovation and creativity.

Founded by Pope Julius II at the beginning of the 1500s, the Vatican collection began with a sculpture discovered buried beneath a Roman vineyard. This commenced what would grow into one of the most extensive collections in the world, spread throughout 54 galleries housing some of the most important artworks ever made.

Throughout the centuries, various Popes have contributed to expanding the collection which today includes works from Ancient Greece through to more current times, with invaluable sculptures, frescoes, tapestries and various treasures encased within impressive architectural structures.

Michelangelo was greatly involved in the construction of the Basilica and also sculpted the emotive Pietà held within. Stepping out of the Basilica, there is the breath-taking St. Peter’s Square designed by Bernini in a Baroque style, itself of utmost architectural, historical and social importance, reaching out to embrace.

Optional upgrade: Guests may opt for private transportation from their accommodation in central Rome or surrounds with driver at disposal. Cost is €200 for a group of up to 4 persons. Ask for personalized quotation for a larger group.


  • Enter the Vatican in the fastest possible way thanks to pre-reserved entry.
  • Tickets are included in tour cost.
  • Have an expert licensed art historical guide lead the way through the maze of hallways and galleries.
  • Explore one of the greatest collections of artworks in existence, featuring works by some of the most important artists of all time.
  • See the glorious St. Peter’s Basilica and the magnificent St. Peter’s Square.

Tour departure time will vary depending on the season. Usually tours meet at 8.00 am at accommodation or at 8.30 am at central meeting point near the museum complex. This tour is not offered on Wednesday mornings due to the Papal Audience, nor on Sundays. Knees, backs and shoulders must be covered for entry into places of worship. Large bags, long umbrellas and selfie-sticks may not be permitted. All persons entering must pass through security, which may take some time.

The Vatican may request photo ID for entry. The Vatican reserves the right to close any areas without prior notice due to mass or other events. In that case, a substitute area will be included. No refunds are available due to such closures, including the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica, which are beyond our control.

Tour costs include non-refundable tickets, a €25 per person value. If traveling with children aged 6-18 at time of reservation please enquire for discount.