Trastevere is simply one of our favorite neighborhoods in Rome. Take a stroll down around this former working-class district through its labyrinth of cobbled streets, hidden alleyways and meet some charismatic residents along the way. We’ll stop by one of the noblest homes of the Renaissance, the Villa Farnesina, to admire its gorgeously frescoed walls painted by Raphael and other great masters of the time.

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Full of hidden surprises and captivating charm, let your private guide introduce you to the true heart of Rome

A private tour exploring a different side to Rome.

Over three glorious hours, an expert tour guide will lead guests through some of the most important areas of the city, from the Pantheon whose foundations date back to around 29 BC, through to Rome’s most contemporary quarter.

Stepping into the Pantheon, with its miraculous construction of what is still the world’s largest unreinforced dome to this day, guests may gaze up to the open sky through its curious opening. Renaissance Rome takes form in the Campo de’ Fiori. Long a place of trade and also a site for public executions, today it is bustling with markets by day and bars by night. The nearby Piazza Farnese presents a much more elegant side to Rome, with Michelangelo having contributed to the design of the High Renaissance Palazzo Farnese.

By way of Baroque, there is the famous Trevi Fountain. Guests will hear about the curious legends of the aqueduct’s past and the construction of what is today one of the icons of Rome. Piazza Navona also hails from this period, its history steeped in curious forms of ancient entertainment.

This unique Rome tour ends in Trastevere with a visit to Villa Farnesina. Once an area home to the Etruscans, today its charming cobbled streets are filled with restaurants and bars, favorite hangouts locals and tourists alike.

Nothing is more astounding than the Pantheon.

Built as a temple to the gods during the reigns of Augustus and Hadrian, the circular structure capped by a coffered concrete dome with a central oculus still intrigues to this day. Campo de’ Fiori, rather, grew up haphazardly out of sheer practicality. Its open spaces designed to house bustling markets were nonetheless exploited to carry out public executions and torturing.

In the adjacent Piazza Farnese stands the Palazzo Farnese. With its own somewhat colorful history, the palace is presently the regal French Embassy. Representing the Roman Baroque period, Piazza Navona features impressive architecture that harked a new era in design. Within the open space is Bernini’s sensational Fountain of the Four Rivers, its design as fluid as the waters that flow throughout. Much more imposing however is the splendid Trevi Fountain, Rome’s largest, which took shape over many decades.

This is all contrasted exquisitely by the Trastevere quarter. Abandoned after the Romans took the area from the Etruscans, it was fisherman in around 500 BC that first took up residence here. Throughout its history, the Trastevere area has been a multicultural hub that has imbued it with the unique and creative culture it maintains this day. Enjoy the chance to visit Villa Farnesina, built in the 16th century by a famous banker and filled with breathtaking frescoes by the Renaissance artists including the great master Raphael.


  • See a whole new side of Rome with an expert private guide.
  • Choose to enter the Villa Farnesina.
  • See the curious Pantheon.
  • Step into some of Rome’s most breath-taking open spaces.
  • Explore Rome’s most artistic and multicultural quarters.
Tour starts at 9.00 am at accommodation or at a convenient central meet point. So that this tour may be tailored to individual preferences, entry to the Villa Farnesina and the Pantheon are to be considered an additional cost, total price approx. Euro 12 per person and shall be paid by guests directly the day of tour. The Villa is closed on Mondays and if tour is booked on this day an alternate venue will be suggested. This ensures our guests may experience Rome exactly as they wish.