Take a break from the crowded streets of Rome to discover two enchanting towns that beautifully preserve the distinct spirit of Italian culture and its rich history. Learn why so many make a pilgrimage to Assisi and marvel at some of the Renaissance’s greatest works as well as medieval town squares, fabulous dining options and local shops selling delicacies and handicrafts.

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Take a break from Rome or customize your transfer as you take in the beauty of two charming cities

A full-day immersion into times past through visits to Assisi and Calcata.

Commencing from Rome or surroundings, a private driver will accompany guests on a relaxing drive to explore two villages with unique religious histories. In Assisi, guests can wander between the various chapels, churches and basilicas, many dedicated to its most cherished resident, St. Francis.

Topping Assisi is the magnificent Rocca Maggiore bastion as the city’s ultimate blessing. Guests can explore this splendid city and enjoy a relaxing lunch of traditional delights. The group will then head off for a pleasant journey through the lush countryside of Umbria and back to the region of Lazio to visit Calcata.

Holding possibly one of the more interesting religious histories of any other place in Italy, the Calcata area was abandoned before being taken up by an artistic community who restored the city to its previous glory. It has a more modern artistic feel, brimming with art galleries, boutiques, vibrant coffee shops and eateries.

The combination of these two cities presents a unique immersion into the spiritual journey of Italy combined with an immersion into the more splendid landscapes of the peninsula.

Assisi dates back to around 1000 B.C. with the arrival of the Umbrians, then the Etruscans and finally Romans. Assisi then passed from one ruling power to another, many contributing to that which remains today. Assisi’s lasting role as a religious hub stems predominantly from it being the birthplace of the much venerated St. Francis of Assisi.

In contrast is Calcata. Upon the sack of Rome, a German soldier arrived there claiming to have found the Holy Prepuce whilst raiding the Sanctum Sanctorum. This purported relic from the circumcision of Jesus remained hidden in Calcata until 1557, when it was venerated by the Vatican. Calcata became a great pilgrimage hotspot until evidence arose bringing its authenticity into question. To ‘resolve’ any debate, in 1900 the Catholic Church threatened to excommunicate anyone who made mention of the delicate subject. Defiant Calcata continued displaying its beloved relic until it mysteriously vanished in the 1980s.

By that time, around five decades had passed since locals had moved from their historical home to nearby New Calcata after the town was condemned for risk of collapse. Undeterred, a community of artist-hippies started squatting there during the 1960s. Eventually allowed to purchase Calcata, they slowly restored its past glory whilst building up a thriving artistic community.


  • See two jewels of Lazio and Umbria.
  • Spend free time in Calcata and Assisi.
  • Be immersed in splendid vistas.
  • Private driving service from guests’ accommodation in Rome or other central location upon request.
  • Optional Extra: upon request, a 2-hour guided tour of Assisi can be arranged with a local licensed guide.
So that this tour may be tailored to individual preferences, any entry costs, food and beverages are additional, to be paid by guests directly on the day. This ensures our guests may experience the best of the region exactly as they wish. Our driver would be happy to provide dining suggestions.