A culinary experience like no other. This private cookery course is designed to exalt the Italy experience in the most unique – and delicious – way possible. Discover the history behind a bevy of traditional Italian recipes. Learn to make a complete Italian meal from tasty starter to exquisite dessert in the company of a passionate culinary expert. Conclude this food-lovers experience with a tasty meal served with local wines.

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A private hands-on cooking class in either a professional kitchen or a private home located in a quaint residential neighborhood of Florence

A private hands-on cooking class in a semi-professional kitchen located in a quaint residential neighborhood in Florence.

Guests may choose to commence this ultimate foodie experience either in the morning at 10.00 am or the afternoon at 4.00 pm or 6.00 pm. Upon arrival, they will be welcomed to the kitchen with a glass of Prosecco. The secrets of Italian cuisine will then be revealed as guests prepare 3-4 dishes to comprise a traditional Italian menu including appetizer, first course, second course and dessert.

Throughout this private cooking course, the Chef will demonstrate techniques and impart secrets behind the art of Tuscan cuisine whilst assisting guests in the execution of the dishes prepared. The menu changes with the seasons, in accordance with Italian philosophies on balancing natural flavors with nutritional value.

By way of menu example is home-made Schiacciata bread, Gnocchi with Pesto, Chicken Breast with Sage and Wine, Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms with Tomato Sauce and a delicious Tiramisu or, during the cooler months, perhaps traditional Spelt soup, “Arista” a Tuscan Pork Loin, Mixed Vegetables with Extra-virgin Olive Oil and a Pear Tart.

The cooking class then concludes with a delicious meal of that prepared, all paired with prestigious wines in traditional Italian style. Along with memories and skills that will last a lifetime, participants will be given recipes to keep as mementos from this wonderful culinary experience.

Italian cuisine is very regional, with recipes comprised of fresh locally-grown ingredients.

In Tuscany, the secret to its delicious recipes is simplicity. Taking just-picked produce, top-quality meats and the famous ‘liquid gold’ of cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil, each ingredient is exalted by uncomplicated cooking techniques that exalt the natural flavors whilst maintaining nutritional goodness. Strictly following the seasons, certain ingredients (and the recipes they contain) may only be available for a few weeks of the year, meaning that some dishes are only prepared during very limited periods.

One of the secrets in Tuscan dishes is the top-quality olive oil. A blend of olive varieties are collected then immediately pressed, if not directly onsite then in a nearby mill. Cold-pressing ensures the extraction of flavorsome olive oil rich in vitamins and antioxidants that are best maintained by drizzling olive oil directly over the dishes prepared just before serving.

Every menu is thought out to ensure a perfect balance of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates is included, resulting in a colorful array of delicious dishes.

Along with the development of local recipes has evolved a range of locally-produced wines that pair to perfection with each regional cuisine. Indeed, no Italian meal is complete with a perfectly-paired glass of red or white wine.


Optional Upgrade: When booking a morning class enjoy a visit to the local farmer’s market with your culinary professional (approximately 1 hour) to select the freshest of ingredients. The cost is an additional € 30 per person.
Booking must be made at least 72 hours in advance. Please inform us of any dietary intolerances at the time of your booking.