Our musings on life in Italy, where we share the flavors, the vistas and experiences of Italy through the eyes of passionate locals. Be it trekking through the picturesque landscapes, tasting exquisite foods and savoring a delicious wine, or strolling through one of Italy’s great museums, this is Italy through our eyes and our lives.

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Welcome to Signature Italy’s Blog! We are so glad you found us. This is a space to share some of our musings and findings in the Bel Paese. It is also a space to share our local knowledge, special events, offerings, itineraries, and basically all sorts of ideas of things you can do in Italy which may helpful when planning your next holiday.

Have you always dreamed of experiencing a wonderful trip, discovering the very best of Italy? This incredibly diverse country, known for its great food, wine and colorful past has allot to offer to its visitors, and it can be really hard to decide where to start.

Thanks to Signature Italy you will be able to enjoy unique personalized itineraries, with professionalism, care and attention attention to deal. We will do our utmost to ensure your trip to Italy is YOUR trip of a lifetime.

tours of veniceWith our private tours of Italy, not only will you get to visit the most wonderful places within the country, but you’ll live a full immersion into Italian life and culture. Do you want some examples? If you decide to visit Rome, the beautiful Eternal City, you won’t just admire the wonderful architecture of the Colosseum: you’ll even learn how this great building was erected, who and why it was used and lots of other fascinating curiosities.
For those who are interested in visiting the romantic side of Italy, Signature Italy organizes some amazing tours of Venice. You’ll be totally seduced by the colorful streets sneaking around the channels, and in your customized itinerary we can arrange a private boat ride. While walking down the streets, your guide will make sure to tell you about both the historical facts and the best tales about the main places and personalities which bring the city to life.

Of course your travels could also lead you to Milan, the modern capital of Italy and its fashion center. Alternatively, have you ever heard of Le Cinque Terre of Liguria? It is an amazing coastline area placed in the region of the famous Sanremo music Festival, and it’s an UNESCO World Heritage Site! There are such dreamy views and you can enjoy some extremely pleasant walks and hikes totally immersed in nature.

The choice is totally up to you!

tours of FlorenceTuscany tours are the best option for those who love both culture and nature, since there are lots of places that deserve to be seen in this incredibly rich region of central Italy. With our tours of Florence you will lose yourself in the beauty of art, as we offer unique experiences enabling you to discover the main cultural centers. With the amazing Making of Michelangelo’s David Tour, not only will you learn all the secrets of this great masterpiece, but you’ll also get a deep insight into the artist’s life. The Uffizi Museum is another must-see, but there are other many other choices which can be made in a customized itinerary. Plus, we offer day trips from Florence for those who wish to enjoy the worldwide famous Tuscany countryside. You will get amazing views over flowery valleys, terraced vineyards, shimmering olive trees and ancient farmhouses.

What about Italian food? Isn’t your mouth watering only thinking about it? Our food tours in Florence are the best, and a day trip from Florence can include visits to top rated wineries. Immagine watching the production process of a ruby red Brunello and other fine wines, and of course, finishing things off with a tasting! Furthermore, in some of the most enchanting villages it will be possible to enjoy the best of Italy’s cuisine and attend fun cooking classes! You just have to pick a day tour or ask for a customized one, and get ready to live one of the best experiences in your life!

tours of RomeThe capital of Italy is, of course, one of the most popular destinations and our tours of Rome are just perfect if you want to learn all the secrets of the Eternal City! We have wonderful guided tours that will lead you to the discovery of Rome’s foundations, based on facts and popular legends. You can also opt for a classical trip or a tour of the Vatican Museums and St Peter’s Basilica. And that’s not the end of it! If you’d like to discover one of the most enchanting, and yet not too popular districts of Rome among tourists, why don’t you choose to enjoy a walk in Trastevere? It’s a fascinating area around the Tiber River, with small narrow streets that will take you back in time. The neighborhood is very artsy and romantic, and from time to time you will bump into squares with majestic villas, churches and museums. Last but not least, you’ll get the chance to eat in some of the best restaurants in Rome! Yes, because Trastevere is fraught with typical taverns and pubs managed by Romans that will be thrilled to let you taste delicious fresh dishes prepared on the moment. Pizza, pasta, lasagna, tortellini, tiramisu’ and a lot more will be served for you paired with a glass of the best Italian wine: just name something and the chefs will be ready to prepare a fantastic dinner for you!!

Do you prefer a relaxing vacation at the beach? Well, we have a solution for that too! Our tours of Amalfi Coast are what it takes. With our privately arranged journeys you’ll be able reach points that offer astonishing views of the crystal blue Mediterranean sea and visit fascinating historic sites. Experience the extensive archeological ruins of Pompeii or enjoy a day trip to villages that dot the coast, such as Amalfi, Positano or Sorrento. Or perhaps even enjoy a private tour of the stunningly beautiful Island of Capri.

As you can see, we have countless wonderful options that will ensure that you will have an amazing holiday in Italy- from the top to the bottom- of the boot. Our extremely experienced collaborators are ready to lead you through this amazing country. You only have to pick your preferred place and experience and leave the rest to Signature Italy! Whether it is a tour of Rome, a tour of Florence, a tour of Venice or even a private tour of Italy that includes all of these locations, we promise to be your new friend in Italy! Here’s to next time, A presto!




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