Our musings on life in Italy, where we share the flavors, the vistas and experiences of Italy through the eyes of passionate locals. Be it trekking through the picturesque landscapes, tasting exquisite foods and savoring a delicious wine, or strolling through one of Italy’s great museums, this is Italy through our eyes and our lives.

Enjoy a Tuscany Vacation this Summer!

Val d'OrciaAre you thinking of summer travel with your family? Don’t shy away from Europe. Italy makes a great multigenerational travel spot and especially a Tuscany vacation. Brothers and sisters who haven’t seen each other in a while can bring respective families and meet up. Grandma and Grandpa can come too. Perhaps it is time to organize a mini-college reunion with the families. In Italy there is something special for everyone.

Family in vacationWhat to do in Italy? What to do in Tuscany? A first trip to Italy usually includes the major cities of Rome, Florence and Venice. But do consider a Tuscany vacation in the countryside, renting a villa or an apartment in a farmhouse (agriturismo).  Whether you are in the countryside, at the seaside, or in a small town, family members can each do their own individual explorations during the day in the quaint hill-top towns. Everyone can meet up in the late afternoon, enjoy a swim together at the pool, an aperitivo at sunset, and then have dinner tutti insieme, creating special moments, tipicamente Italiani!

Dome of FlorenceItaly for kids? Ma certo. Children can prepare historical backgrounds on the most famous monuments to visit ahead of time. They can learn about the Roman Empire, cumulating with a tour of the Colosseum in Rome. After learning about Renaissance architecture in Florence they can climb to the top of Brunelleschi’s Dome in Florence. After learning more in depth about medieval life they can walk a portion of the Pilgrim’s path and visit San Gimignano, famous worldwide for its 13th century towers. After learning more about Leonardo da Vinci they can go to his museum to see some of his
inventions or follow his footprints into the hills of Florence!

Of course one of the special things about visiting Italy is experiencing the cuisine. When considering a Italian ChefTuscany vacation do include a hands-on cooking class, which is a great way to engage the entire family and also have good wholesome fun.  We know many wonderful Chefs who offer cooking classes in private homes in the city or cooking experiences in the countryside.  We can guarantee that learning to make home-made pasta and a delicious accompanying sauce, and eating your creations, will provide long-lasting memories for all ages. And of course a visit to this land would not be complete without a Tuscan wine tour!

With more families scattered across different states (and often in varying countries), multi-generational trips enable generations to reconnect, away from busy schedules.  Turn the phone and the computer off and enjoy the simple pleasures which Italy teaches so well. Your Tuscany vacation will turn out to be the trip of a lifetime.

San GimignanoA family vacation can also be an experience that has a lasting impact on family members’ global perspectives. By traveling to Italy one reaches out just a little bit beyond the normal comfort zone. At times I call Italy ‘organized chaos’. Traveling teaches flexibility. European travel is quite safe these days. You don’t have to worry about the water and certainly not the food. Italians love children and you will get a warm ‘Ciao’ and a free piece of salty focaccia bread from a bakery wherever you go!  Traveling to Italy enables family members to understand and appreciate another cultures’ customs and traditions. Instead of traditional gifts or material goods the gift of a trip can give family members the opportunity to spend true quality time together and have a unique memorable experience. Consider traveling (or returning) to Italy. Signature Italy can help you craft a unique, one of a kind experience, no matter what your budget. Let us help design your Tuscan vacation filled with Tuscan wine, Tuscan cuisine and fun in Tuscany!




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