Signature Italy was created by a group of experts in their field who decided to combine forces in offering a great range of exceptional Italy tours and services.

Our common objective is to provide top-quality, authentic experiences that we ourselves enjoy, ensuring we remain ever-passionate and always professional. Our offerings cover the aspects of Italy we love the most, guaranteeing unique experiences.

Our current clientele comes primarily from word-of-mouth, the greatest honor we could wish for.

With a registered office in the US and our head office in Florence, Signature Italy is overseen by an American–Italian duo. Elizabeth Namack has lived in Florence for too long to remember, has a background in Art History and Painting Restoration and is now a fully-licensed tour guide for Florence and surrounds. Her love for all things Italian – food, wine, culture, art, history (and her husband) – combined with more than 15 years leading active adventure holidays in Tuscany, Umbria and Liguria makes her an expert in organization who is passionate and knowledgeable about Italy, ensuring a professional service-orientated approach.

Also in our head office is Leonardo Mura, who is proud of his hometown and region and loves to show them off. A graphic designer in a former life means he is an expert at finding the most perfect vistas and photo opportunities. After living in London for almost 10 years his English is excellent and he is now dedicated to providing professional driving services with a dash of typical Tuscan wit. When not happily taking visitors around Italy, he can be found actively engaged in his other passion – road and mountain bike cycling around the hills of Tuscany.

Signature Italy also collaborates with interesting and interested professionals in Tuscany and throughout Italy, ensuring expertise in each region for the best Italy vacations possible.

Our Approach

We want to ensure that visitors to our homeland experience the real Italy that we know and love. The Signature element begins with the attention we give to our guests to truly understand their interests and the dynamics of the group so that we may personalize each tour accordingly.

We craft high-quality experiences, highlighting not only the must-see sights but also adding in a touch of personal, local love.

Italy is a small and amazingly diverse country, with every geographic region having a unique history that seeps into all aspects of life. This can be seen and absorbed in the local art and architectural, the dialects, the cuisine and the local habits.

We are dedicated to showing guests the curiosities, places, people, habits and culinary nuisances that may otherwise be easily overlooked by the casual observer. We search out the small-scale, the local, the genuine and the sustainable. We want Italy to be loved by visitors whilst protecting it for future generations to do the same.

Add to this our passion, expertise and years of professional experience and you have the Signature Italy approach.

Our Guides

With a history as rich as Italy’s, we have personally selected a range of experts in each area to guarantee only the best guides and greatest experiences for our guests.

In addition to professional licensing credentials in their area of specialty, our guides are also art historians, archeologists, painting conservators, translators, writers, graphic designers, sommeliers, chefs and cooks, cyclists, skippers, yogis, parents, fashion designers, painters, interior decorators and jewelry designers. We are all passionate about what we do and enjoy nothing more than sharing the Italy we love with our guests!

Having one of our home bases in Italy allows us to constantly scout out excellent collaborators who share the Signature Italy vision, being to craft high-quality experiences for our clients.

Being passionate and friendly are the key components in providing unforgettable experiences in Italy and memories that will last a lifetime.

Each Signature Italy guide has great people skills, excellent language capabilities and goes to great lengths to go beyond the basic to ensure an experience that exceeds expectations. This is our Signature guarantee.